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So, you want to help out? We can always use more helpers. Dotcomma is run primarily by volunteers who dedicate some of their time toward contributing to the site. We have several positions available. The most important are:
  • Article Writers - This site is based on programming articles, so we need people to write them. We are looking for several talented writers and programmers who are interested in writing instructive programming languages at both beginner and advanced levels.
  • Book Reviewers - Read a good computer book lately? Read a bad one? In our Book Reviews section we review many programming books so that people looking for information (beyond what they find on dotcomma) will have an idea of which books are the best.
  • Technical Support Representatives - This is a position for more advanced programmers. We need people to both answer support E-Mails and moderate our discussion boards.

Of course, if you're not interested in becoming a regular contributor, you can still write articles or book reviews for us. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, then you should submit a few samples of your writing to the links above and then email us.

A list of the current staff is available on our staff page.

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    For more information about these positions, refer to our join page or E-Mail [email protected]

  • Article Writers - People who regularly write programming articles
  • Book Reviewers - Review books related to programming
  • Technical Support - Experienced programmers interested in responding to tech support mail and responding to questions in our comment boards
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