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The name "dotcomma" was originally created because it was a spoof on the immensely common phrase "dotcom" (.com), a term whose meaning has become tantamount to "business on the internet." dotcomma, obviously the same word with two additional letters, has quite a different meaning.

The reason that the name "dotcomma" fits our organization so well is that dotcomma doesn't mean business - instead it means a dot (.) and a comma (,). The former placed on top of the latter creates a semicolon (;). Experienced programmers will know that a semicolon is an important character in most programming languages; it marks the end of a statement.

Sure, we could have chosen names like "semicolon" or "adotoveracomma," but, although they may have the same meaning, they certainly don't have the same ring to them. The name "dotcomma" was created solely by the imagination of the dotcomma staff; any resemblance to any person, organization, company, etc. are completely coincidental.

The official name of our organization is "dotcomma" with a lowercase "d." On occasion we will use the uppercase equivalent, Dotcomma, when it is more appropriate to do so. The '.org' domain name was used instead of '.com' because we are an organization, not a commercial company.

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