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Dotcomma is run primarily by volunteers who generously dedicate their time and effort towards improving the project. Here we would like to recognize those who donate many valuable hours towards site maintenance, programming, writing, and reviewing.

Site Management/Administration
  • Adam Berlinsky-Schine - Adam is the founder and editor-in-chief of dotcomma. In addition to doing much of the programming for the site, Adam regularly writes programming articles, book reviews, and does everything else involved in running a site like dotcomma.
  • Eric Sun - Eric is another founding member of dotcomma and continues to be a major contributor to dotcomma's site content and quality control. His main responsibilities include administrating dotcomma's server, as well as doing many odd jobs related to site maintenance, such as working on various sections, writing and adding news articles, writing programming articles, writing book reviews, and fixing things that break.

  • Corey Taylor - Corey has been working with dotcomma nearly since its creation. He regularly posts articles, book reviews, and news items.

Article Writers/Book Reviewers

Currently None. Wanna join?

Technical Support Representatives
Currently None. Wanna join?

Miscellaneous Thanks
Our gratitude goes to the following people:
Jonah Cohen
Jeff Tyrrill
Aaron Chernosky

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  • Job Openings
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  • Article Writers - People who regularly write programming articles
  • Book Reviewers - Review books related to programming
  • Technical Support - Experienced programmers interested in responding to tech support mail and responding to questions in our comment boards
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