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There are many talented programmers out there who do not get the recognition they deserve. dotcomma has created the challenges portion of this website in order to bring light to these programmers. Every month, dotcomma will introduce a new challenge related to programming, and any registed user may enter. Each challenge will have specified criteria and the people who best accomplish the given task will be announced. In the future we hope to award prizes to winners. Make sure to read our rules and regulations before entering a challenge. Below are the current challenges.

AI Bot Project: Part II
Difficulty: 10
Languages: Any Programming Language
Due: Friday, April 27, 2001
A year ago, we announced the AI Bot Project. In its conclusion, you will create your bot and test it against others.

Design a T-Shirt Contest
Due: Ongoing
Design images to be used on dotcomma merchandise, and win what we use!

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