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  Here you can set up an account with dotcomma. This site is designed with much flexibility so that you can decide what you want to appear on the site. For example, you can customize the menu at the left so that only the topics that interest you appear. Using your account, you can "log in" on any computer so that your preferences will be recovered. If you have cookies enabled, you only need to log in once and you will be automatically logged in every time you access the site until you log out. By signing up for a username you are reserving that name so that nobody else can use it when posting comments throughout the site. To sign up, simply fill out the form below. After you finish, you will be E-mailed instructions on how to confirm your account.

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The following information will be used in the developers database. Please rate your expertise in the listed languages using the following standards:
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C and C++
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Here you may set up to two different highlighting algorithms. In news items on the main page, as well as user comments, any comments that match the criteria you specify will be highlighted using the color you specify. For example, if your first highlighting expression is "Perl and Programming" and the color you choose is Blue, then any news items or comments that contain both the words "Perl" and "Programming" will display a blue border. Your expressions can use more complex boolean logic using AND and OR. You may use parentheses to clarify the order of operations. So if you want to match anything that has either both "Perl and programming" or "CGI", or anything that has "book review" in it, you could use the expression:

((Perl and programming) or CGI) or book review

Everything is case insensitive. Note that it matches partial words, so it's a bad idea to use "C" in your expression to find posts regarding the C programming language, because then anything that has the letter 'c' in it will be matched.

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Comment Boards
All of the following settings will affect the appearance of the comment boards in discuss and comment boards attached to news or programming articles.

Block Level: Sometimes people will post with comments that are inappropriate. The dotcomma staff will frequently browse the comments and give inappropriate posts "block levels" so that they will appear "blocked": surrounded in red and the post eliminated. Use the following block levels by checking the items that you wish to be blocked.

Minor Profanity - Posts that contain some profanity, but the message is constructive
Off Topic - Useful comment, but not within the focus of the particular forum
Useless - Off topic and not constructive - including "first post" comments
Offensive - Posts where purpose is primarily to attack or offend people or other posts
Excessive Profanity - Profanity plays a large part in the comment
Troll - No constructive information

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